What is the function of the indicator arrow of the sprinkler

When it comes to arrow lights, maybe some riders think it's optional. And if you want to install arrow lights on the sprinkler, you have to pay extra money. Many of you are not willing to.
But what Biao wants to tell his car friends is that it is necessary to install arrow lights on the sprinkler. First of all, I want to tell you something like this. Then you will know the importance of arrow lights.
This is the real event reported in the news: at the lower part of the viaduct in a certain place, a red car ran after an sanitation car, causing a serious traffic accident.
It was speculated that the speed of the car was too fast when it got off the bridge, which led to one of the reasons for serious consequences. However, according to the relevant traffic laws and regulations: when the road maintenance vehicles and engineering vehicles are operating, the vehicles and personnel passing through the road should pay attention to avoid.
That is to say, for the sanitation vehicle in operation, if the arrow indicator light at the back of the vehicle is turned on to remind the vehicles behind to avoid in time, other vehicles in operation need to slow down and avoid in time.
I don't know if you have noticed that the arrows of sprinklers installed with arrow lights may flash on one side or alternately during operation.
In fact, this is the vehicle lane change after the sprinkler prompt, because the sprinkler has to start work and spray water. If the vehicle passes from the spray side of the sprinkler, there will be a short period of vision affected. This is also to remind the vehicles behind to avoid this lane and go to the non spray side.
In a word, the arrow light on the sprinkler is really important, so it is necessary to choose the arrow light when choosing the sprinkler. How to install the on-board arrow light used to warn later vehicles to slow down and detour? Come and have a look!
1. Assemble the arrow lamp bracket
The arrow light is installed on the rear head of the water tank. First, take out 8 M4 * 12 self tapping screws, connect 2 L-shaped fixing brackets to two fixing seats, adjust the installation angle, and then fasten them with M8 * 16 stainless steel bolts. Repeat the above operation to assemble another arrow head lamp.
2. On board installation
Before vehicle installation, please check whether the power supply voltage matches. Take out the M10 * 20 stainless steel screw, and fix the assembled arrow light of sprinkler in the proper position of the installed vehicle.
Then fix the controller in a proper position convenient for operation in the vehicle with special double-sided glue screw. Then route the wires correctly according to the wiring instructions on the harness.
3. Electrical inspection and test
According to the marks on the harness, carefully check whether the cable connection is correct. After confirmation, connect the plug and connect the power supply. Switch the left arrow, right arrow and horn buttons respectively to test whether they work correctly.
Observe whether the indicator light of the controller is normal. After the test, the controller indicator light of vehicle arrow light works normally, indicating that it is installed. The arrow light controller is generally installed on the left side of the steering wheel in the cab. The left and right arrow lights can be turned on individually or simultaneously.
After the arrow light of the sprinkler is installed, when the sprinkler needs to turn or warn the vehicles behind, turn on the left and right arrow lights, or the arrow lights flash, and the safety index is greatly improved. At the end of the day, do you think the arrow light of sprinkler is very useful!